F is for f-stop. In a camera, it is the opening through which light travels. 365 is for the number of days in the year. Once a day, one photo for one year. Come with me and let's see what develops.

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365 Days Later

A year ago today, I decided to challenge myself by taking a photo a day and posting my snaps to Instagram.  In the beginning, I used pre-made monthly challenges from www.theidearoom.net which served to direct my creativity. I found myself turning my eye away from the easy to get shot, instead looking for the clever. 

As the months passed, I created my own monthly challenges, picked up some followers on IG and Twitter as I chronicled my progress with the challenge.  Several hashtags were created after I challenged my blog readers to pick up their camera phones and snap along with me.  It has been all in good fun and I’m so thankful for the experience that I’ve had.

I have been looking back over the photos I’ve amassed and they tell an interesting story. I can distinctly remember the reasons why I chose certain subjects for certain days. I can tell when I was phoning it in and when I was really trying to stretch myself, stylistically.  I’ve grown as an artist, as a photographer, as a visual storyteller. 

I’ve been asked if I’d do this challenge again and as of today, right now, the answer is probably not.  While this one was great and it pushed me to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary, I’m ready to take on other challenges.  There are a variety of 365 projects that I can tackle.  I can make them as broad as I did with this past challenge, or specific as only blue colored pieces of clothing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, street signs on Tuesdays, and food on Thursdays. The possibilities are as far reaching as my own imagination. 

Check back with me in a little while and let’s see what’s developed. Cheers!



Routine. Brew. Sweeten. Drink. Repeat as necessary.

Routine. Brew. Sweeten. Drink. Repeat as necessary.